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This site is for TRUMPET PLAYERS of all levels who wish to break out of the rut and achieve the skills they've always dreamed of!


Have YOU always wanted to:

* INCREASE YOUR RANGE to double E, F, G and beyond?

* DEVELOP YOUR ENDURANCE to play strong to the end of a strenuous gig or practice session, without being embarrassed by weak chops?

STOP WORRYING about whether or not you have the ability to play what's on the page, and have the confidence to know you can play it with excellence?

IMPRESS your audience (not to mention your fellow musicians!) with your developing abilities?

Have a STRUCTURED, SYSTEMATIC APPROACH to your practice sessions without spending huge bucks on professional music lessons?

Learn the SECRETS of being an excellent trumpet player while avoiding all the myths, wives' tales, and confusion that can distract you from the path?

(Author's note:  I was once a frustrated trumpet player who had all the above goals.  I not only addressed but ACHIEVED every one of them, using the materials available on this site.)

Are you a BEGINNING OR INTERMEDIATE trumpet player who just wants to learn the right way to play the hardest instrument of them all (that’s right, the trumpet!) and progress quickly without developing a bunch of bad, destructive habits?

Are you a MEDIOCRE PLAYER who is satisfied with playing at the same level, year after year, decade after decade?  Then please leave this site immediately!  There’s nothing here for you.

Are you aware of the need to WORK HARD and APPLY YOURSELF in order to achieve your dreams of being the trumpet player that people talk about?  Congratulations!  You’re in the right place.  Read on!



This is still the official site of the teaching materials of the late, great BILL KNEVITT, who, in my opinion, was one of the best trumpet instructors in the country.  During the 1980s and 1990s, he wrote a series of 16 books addressing every aspect of trumpet playing, but focusing mainly on range and endurance.  Many, many trumpet players (including me!) have benefited from Bill's books, methods and wisdom.

Those of you who have visited La Torre Music before will already have noticed some obvious changes to the site.  I no longer market the books from this site; instead I now use an offsite publisher called qpress.  Also, I am no longer offering printed versions of Bill's books.  They are now available only as ebooks.  I did a bit of soul-searching, and realized that after ten-plus years of printing books and not raising my prices one cent despite rising printing and postage costs, it was time to update my approach to an all-digital format.  I know my loyal customers will understand, and I sincerely thank you for your patience during this time of change!

As always, I am available to personally answer any questions you have, and respond to any comments you wish to share.  I consider it a great blessing to be able to share Bill's materials with dedicated trumpet players around the world, and I will continue to humbly respect any thoughtful exchange of ideas regarding improvement in trumpet playing and musicianship.  Feel free to email me, as always, at bob_latorre@hotmail.com.

For a list of available books, please see the list of Bill Knevitt's Books below.  Or, visit qpress for more complete descriptions and to purchase!


There are audio lessons available for most of the books below.  In the early 1990's, Bill recorded, using home equipment, himself giving "live" lessons to accompany the information in his books.  For the Crash Course, he made a whopping 52 lessons!  These lessons are available for purchase at $3.00 each, or $50.00 for the entire Crash Course collection.  Please email me at bob_latorre@hotmail.com for more details.

Special!  Special!  Special!

For a FREE eleven-page warmup routine for advanced players, please email me at bob_latorre@hotmail.com. 



The Truth About How To Play Double High C on Trumpet

This is definitely one of Bill's most popular books.  Bill had a way of cutting through all the rumors, wives' tales, snake oil, magic mouthpieces, and any other piece of counterproductive garbage in the quest for a higher trumpet range.  Using tried-and-true, "real world" methodology, Bill walks the reader through the physical steps necessary to achieve the trumpet's top end in a healthy and realistic manner. 

Caution!  Hard work and dedication are necessary to achieve maximum benefit from this book!  This is The Truth, not Some Sort Of Easily Debunked Magic.


Don't Nobody Miss!

This book is subtitled, A Systematic Approach to Building Accuracy on the Trumpet.  Using a series of increasingly challenging exercises, Bill enables the reader to hit any note dead center every time.  No more embarrassing clams!


The Developing Trumpet Player

Bill noticed a gap in most young players' development:  After a year or two of beginning instruction, many players, especially those of middle-school age, are thrown into bands with little to no guidance into becoming a better player for high school and beyond.  This book fills the gap with warmups, careful, caring instruction, and many popular tunes to play.


The Developing Trombone Player

This is identical to the above book, but written in bass clef for the developing trombone or euphonium player.


Developing 21st Century Range and Endurance on Trumpet

This is Bill Knevitt’s flagship book, and the last full-length method book he wrote.  He decided to go for broke and include just about everything you need to acquire the strength, endurance, and technique to be able to consistently play double G and beyond!  Designed for the hard-working player who is serious about developing every aspect of trumpet ability.


Building a Strong and Flexible Embouchure

 As any athlete will tell you, strength and flexibility go hand in hand for maximum muscular performance. A strong trumpet embouchure is of little value if it is not flexible…and a flexible embouchure is of little value if it’s not strong. Practiced correctly, this book will build both strength and flexibility into your embouchure, while giving you endurance that will allow you to play for hours without tiring.


Professional Trumpet Routines

This is Bill Knevitt’s most complex and demanding book, intended for professional players, or for those aspiring towards professional-level playing. All aspects of technical trumpet playing are addressed, including pedal tones, high range, flexibility, scales, articulation, wind power and more. It is intended as a 52-week course. Those completing the course are guaranteed to have a complete grounding in the skills required of today’s business trumpet player.


5 Ways to Build Ultra Endurance On Trumpet

If your chops are worn out before the gig is over, this is the book for you! Containing five trumpet endurance routines per lesson, this 52-week course of study is based on the same types of exercises all the trumpet greats use. Finish this book and your fellow players will envy you as the player with “chops of iron!”